Fight the Machine

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Our freedoms are under attack during this crisis with some in power wielding decrees that test the limits of the Constitution. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at how we’ve been under attack from these power elites for quite some time – this is nothing new. Our freedoms are precious and on this Memorial Day, we honor those who have defended them. We must also always speak out against those who would take those freedoms from us.

Diane DouglasTransformation of society has been a long-standing goal and open secret of educrats. Diane Douglas, former Arizona Superintendent of Public Education, joins us to recount her experience inside the education bureaucracy and show why educrats always seem to enact bad, unworkable policies. She also discusses the voucher system and tuition credits.

Randall PriceLastly, we welcome J. Randall Price (, Professor of Biblical and Judaic Studies at Liberty University and former Qumran Cave Excavation Director. He examines the differences in perception surrounding Israel by different age groups, how Christians are faring in Israel, and how anti-semitism has morphed from being anti-Jew to being against Israel itself.


05/23/2020 Fight the Machine

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)


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1 – Boralogue – Wake Up & Defend Our Freedoms! (1:49)
2 – Diane Douglas – Long Rolling Progressive Agenda in Education (13:29)

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3 – Diane Douglas – Why Education Doesn’t Work Today (26:23)
4 – Diane Douglas – Voucher System in Education (39:46)
      John Loeffler – In Defense of Homeschooling (49:19)
5 – J. Randall Price – Historical & Current Prominence of Israel (52:40)
6 – J. Randall Price – Christians in Israel (1:05:10)
      John & Carol Loeffler – Americans Flourish During a Crisis (1:12:53)

      End of Show (1:18:32)



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