Studio Roundtable: Pulling Down America

Broadcast Running Time: 1:19:25

How did we go from the single issue of police brutality to the insanity we see today? In this week’s boralogue, John lays out the steps Marxists take that transition from legitimate protests to pulling down statues and defying authority. They create the narrative of oppressors and oppressed and once established, more violent behavior is justified. But if it morphs completely out of control, Marxists will no longer need to justify their revolution to destroy America.

There’s an old claim reemerging that Israeli police have trained American law enforcement to mistreat minorities. Is there any truth to this? We speak with the training program’s architect, Steven Pomerantz (, retired FBI Agent and current Director at JINSA, who says this assertion is false. After 9/11, the U.S. needed to upgrade its national security and counter-terrorism plans, so we learned from the world’s foremost expert in those areas.

John, Carol and Producer Steve join forces in a studio roundtable this week discussing the attempted Marxist takeover of America. The fundamental transformation of society is underway, through violence as well as education and media propaganda, and it will not stop at your door or the doors of the Church. What can be done to combat it?

John finishes up with a fireside chat of sorts, covering topics such as cell phone apps that track Covid patients; biometric identifier – is it the mark of the beast?; and using prayer to convey an anti-Christian message.


06/27/2020 Studio Roundtable: Pulling Down America

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Boralogue – Marxist Steps to Destroying America (2:00)
2 – Steven Pomerantz – U.S.-Israel Police Collaboration Controversy (13:29)
3 – Studio Roundtable (John, Carol, Steve) – Marxist Takeover of America (26:23)
4 – Studio Roundtable (John, Carol, Steve) – Factors Leading up to the Dysfunction (39:46)
5 – Studio Roundtable (John, Carol, Steve) – Education Has Been Corrupted (52:40)
6 – John Loeffler – Various Topics: Biometrics, Stealth Apps, Using Prayer Incorrectly (1:06:03)

       End of Show (1:19:25)

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