Whirlwind of Truth

Broadcast Running Time: 1:13:24

Whirlwind of important topics on this week’s show. First up, we welcome back defense and aerospace veteran Reuben Johnson (www.thebulwark.com) who examines the geopolitics of Belarus, with their growing uprisings; Russia and its future; and China’s inroads into Eastern Europe with their Belt and Road Initiative.

Back here in America, the far leftist crowd is determined to rid our country of the Electoral College. Trent England (www.saveourstates.com), Founder and Executive Director of Save Our States, discusses the effort to convert us from a representative government for everyone to, what he dubs, the “United Big Cities of America.”

The New American

Science and medicine are supposed to be free of politics but it’s an election year so all the rules are out the window. Research writer Dennis Behreandt (www.thenewamerican.com) is back with us to look at the science behind hydroxychloroquine as well as the bad publicity it has received simply because President Trump lauded its use. It’s supposed to be scientifically – not politically – correct in the world of science.

Next we travel to the Middle East with David Rubin (www.shilohisraelchildren.org), former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, who joins us from his home there. He looks at both the strategic and economic implications of the Israel-United Arab Emirates agreement, focusing on the constant threat from Iran and the financial benefits to the UAE of partnering with the Middle East’s only democracy.

We wrap up this week with John’s analysis of the government criteria for future vaccine use and the ethical and legal implications in vaccine development and implementation.


08/22/2020 Whirlwind of Truth

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Reuben Johnson – Geopolitics of Belarus, Russia, and China (1:52)
2 – Trent England – Importance of the Electoral College (16:06)
3 – Dennis Behreandt – Politics and Science of Hydroxychloroquine (28:38)
4 – Dave Rubin – Implications of the Israel-UAE Agreement (44:44)
5 – John Loeffler – Covid Information and Vaccines (1:03:54)

      End of Show (1:13:24)    

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