Marxism for the Children

Broadcast Running Time: 1:18:45

There has to be a way to fight back against the politicization of public schools. Larry Sand (, President of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, joins us to discuss the indoctrination he saw during his tenure as a teacher. In order to stop this, parents need to check with their child to see what they are being taught and if it doesn’t sit well with them, speak up loudly.

The media, educrats, and many politicians have come out against school choice, but what do those who would be affected by it think about the issue? Ray Domanico (, Senior Fellow and Director of Education Policy at the Manhattan Institute, reviews a report he co-authored showing locations where school choice is popular and who wants it the most. School choice has evolved from an alternative for those wanting to teach according to their faith, to being an escape from leftist ideologies found in today’s public schools.

Dennis Cuddy

With the nomination and possible confirmation of Amy Cony Barrett to the Supreme Court, the topic of abortion and Roe v Wade are very much in the news. Back with us is fan favorite, historian and former Senior Associate at the Department of Education Dennis Cuddy ( He looks at events leading up to Roe v Wade, the decision itself, and its possible future.

Finally John answers a few listener emails, covering topics like why some people think this country is awash in white supremacist ideologies, who’s really responsible for human rights issues in Palestine, and the United Kingdom’s progression from a bastion of western civilization to Marxism light and back again. 

10/10/2020 Marxism for the Children

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Larry Sand – Politicization of Public Schools (2:29)
2 – Ray Domanico – School Choice Controversy (18:05)
3 – Dennis Cuddy – Past and Future of Roe v Wade (35:34)
4 – John and Producer Steve – Answering Listener Emails (53:27)

     End of Show (1:18:45)

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