Deconstructing the Safe Space

Broadcast Running Time: 1:19:23

How did we ever get to a point where we have such rampant cancel culture in Western civilization? Opening the show this week, John looks at the change in education over the past three decades from logical thinking to consensus thinking. As a result, people have built safe spaces when they are faced with facts antithetical to their worldview. Shaming us isn’t working anymore so they have moved on the next step – cancel culture.

Christine Douglass-Williams

What are the consequences of unfettered immigration and the reluctance to identify problems due to political correctness? Christine Douglass-Williams (, Associate Editor at FrontPage Magazine, joins us to discuss open immigration in her home country of Canada, how certain organizations are able to take advantage of leftist policies, and the possibility of terrorists entering the U.S. along the border with Canada.

John finishes up this week examining two important topics. First, he tackles the economic reality facing the U.S. and the world along with the traps and pitfalls that mark the leadup to a socialist takeover of an economy. Finally, he covers how the climate change narrative is failing after emissions were lowered this year, but at the cost of lives and the economy. It doesn’t stop die-hard climate alarmists, though, from doing anything they can to keep the narrative alive.


10/24/2020 Deconstructing the Safe Space

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – John Loeffler – From Safe Spaces to Cancel Culture (2:15)
2 – Christine Douglass-Williams – Border Immigration (17:03)
3 – John Loeffler – Economic Outlook (46:12)
4 – John Loeffler – Climate Change Narrative Collapsing (1:08:18)

     End of Show (1:19:22)

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