Anti-Semitism Merges with Cancel Culture

Broadcast Running Time: 1:17:47

We have seen anti-Semitic attitudes, groups, and ideologies throughout the world, but what goes into the thinking behind it? Dr. Charles Jacobs (, President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, joins us to examine why people oppose Israel so virulently but are OK with other countries’ atrocities. He also looks at why Jews in the West vote for anti-Semitic politicians, and why the UN and many Western governments seem to have it out for the state of Israel.

Mike Berry

Next, we’ve heard a lot about court packing in the past few weeks since Amy Cony Barrett’s nomination and now acceptance to the Supreme Court bench. Mike Berry (, General Counsel at First Liberty Institute is here to explain what court packing is, why democrats are so up in arms about this right now, and how activist judges torture legal language. It’s constitutional warfare – who will come out on top?

John and Producer Steve then sit down to discuss how some far left policies are beginning to or could soon spiral out of control. They look at the far left’s attempt to fundamentally transform the country through court packing and eliminating the Electoral College, one-party rule in some states that have literally led to disaster, and woke corporations’ critical race theory sessions.

John finishes up the show this week with a sobering and sometimes graphic update on religious persecution, in the countries of China, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia, Nigeria, and Kenya.


10/31/2020 Anti-Semitism Merges with Cancel Culture

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Dr. Charles Jacobs – Anti-Semitic Thinking Explained (2:33)
2 – Mike Berry – Packing the Court (25:42)
3 – John and Producer Steve – Devolvement of Far-Left Policies (40:06)
4 – John Loeffler – Persecution Update (1:07:52)

     End of Show (1:17:47)

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