November 14, 2020

The Great Reset

Broadcast Running Time: 1:19:12

John Loeffler

November 14, 2020

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One the biggest concerns facing us – regardless of who emerges as the victor in this election – is the threat of globalism. Back with us this week is Alex Newman (, Senior Editor at the New American magazine, who looks deeper into the United Nations' new plan for globalism called the Great Reset. They plan to eliminate individual freedom, sovereignty, and the free economic system, not to mention Christianity. Everything that God has ordained on this earth, they want to flip upside down. It's not so much a reset of the current system as it is a complete abolishment of it.

Why is it that the division and rancor is so great today but a few decades ago, it wasn't nearly as bad? John takes a look at the differences between then and now in terms of commonality of worldviews. We didn't get here overnight; it took years to create the divide. We then replay a still relevant speech John gave in 2007 entitled, 'How Did We Get Here?' He discusses the Marxist takeover of education and the rise of consensus thinking.

Finally, there is a push by far left groups to end-run the electoral college by enacting the National Popular Vote movement. State legislatures would agree to send electors to vote based on who won the popular vote nationally – regardless of who won the individual state. Trent England (, Founder and Executive Director of Save Our States, is back with us to discuss how this would change politics for the worse, forcing politicians to placate their base rather than building coalitions.