John Loeffler: We’re Where They Said We’d Never Be

Broadcast Running Time: 19:23

Throughout the past century, the globalists have been telegraphing where they were taking us.  But many, including in the church, said that would never happen.  On today’s podcast, John looks at how the globalists have moved us along and where we are right now.  There was fraud in this election but barring a political miracle, a Biden administration will be inaugurated in January.

Many of us are feeling angst or grief over what’s happened and what is to come for this country.  The globalists’ long-rolling agenda has brought this about and they’re planning to eschew the church and reset things to a pre-Trump erosion of national sovereignty as soon as they can.  So it may be a new environment we’re walking into, but the work of God’s Kingdom continues and it will be up to us to figure out our place in it.

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