Calm Amidst the Uncalm

Broadcast Running Time: 1:08:37

There is a new totalitarianism emerging in the West. What will it look like? John opens the program this week looking at the characteristics of this new totalitarianism, including how it is based on an untrue ideology that everyone will be forced to accept as fact, it will dictate every aspect of our lives, and it will give lip service to a Bill of Rights that you won’t have access to anymore. It is important to recognize what we’re up against so we can prepare.

Now that we know what’s coming, how best do we prepare? Kameel Majdali (, Director of the organization Teach All Nations joins us to discuss how we should stay calm amidst the chaos, whether we’ll have a reset or a revival, and whether there will be a great American awakening.

Dr. Michael Rectenwald

There is always division and angst and a general feeling of upheaval when faced with a paradigm shift. Finally this week, we welcome back author and free speech activist Michael Rectenwald ( to the program. He discusses the tactics used by the far left to achieve division and alienation. If these tactics continue, the damage could be irreparable.

12/26/2020 Calm Amidst the Uncalm

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – John Loeffler – The New Totalitarianism (3:28)
2 – Kameel Majdali – State of Brexit in the UK (24:33)
      Kameel Majdali – Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos (34:07)
3 – Michael Rectenwald – Division in the Country (46:56)

      End of Show (1:08:37)

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