Truth is Not Welcome

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It’s bad enough to attack and de-platform a single person for speaking against the leftist orthodoxy.  It’s even worse to shut down an entire internet site or app for the same thing.  Joining us today is Russ White (, nationwide expert in network infrastructure architecture.  He explains how some Big Tech companies have a virtual monopoly on what gets resolved and what gets seen online, so if they suddenly decide that they don’t like your speech then, poof, you no longer have a digital footprint.  This is dangerous, it violates free speech, and it looks an awful lot like fascism.

Why do voters in minority areas continuously vote for a party that most of the time does not represent their values?  Joining us today is conservative author and speaker Autry Pruitt (, who discusses how Republicans have dropped the ball, ceding minority neighborhoods, including churches, to the left.  How do pastors and church members reconcile their faith with the doctrines of the democrat party?  There is a shift to the left in society and in the theology of the church, but community and fellowship matter.  The left succeeds at that in minority areas; the right does not. 

The new totalitarianism springing up in the West will praise socialism as a way to infiltrate the church.  How then will the church be affected and how should it fight back?  Joining us today is Dr. Erwin Lutzer (, Pastor Emeritus of Moody Bible Church, who debunks the myth that socialism and the Bible are compatible.  The church is facing many assaults, including edicts which will infringe on religious freedom as well as cultural pressure that will cause Christians to self-censor their beliefs.  Leftists will offer socialistic hope and reconciliation but it will never work and has never worked.  Christianity offers true hope and reconciliation and that must be what we lovingly preach moving forward.

01/30/2021 Truth is Not Welcome

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Russ White – Online Censorship to the Extreme (2:16)
2 – Autry Pruitt – Why the Left is Successful with Minorities (32:16)
3 – Dr. Erwin Lutzer – How the Left has Infiltrated the Church (54:02)

     End of Show (1:15:00)

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