The Bull is Gone from China’s Shop

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China is positioning itself in various arenas to become the world’s biggest superpower and thus de facto leader on the world stage.  Retired U.S. Navy Intelligence Captain James Fanell is back with us today from his home in Switzerland to lend his geopolitical expertise.  He looks at the disingenuous words coming from Chinese leadership about how they want unity and peace, but their actions say something completely different.  Under President Trump, we were attempting to stay even with China, but with the new Biden administration, the fear is we will lose any tactical advantage we once had.  From a military buildup that is vastly outpacing the U.S. to their efforts at information warfare online, China is set to surpass the U.S. as the world’s most dominant superpower.

Straight from the ‘tag anything not leftist as white supremacism’ playbook here in America, groups aligned with the BDS movement in Israel are now shouting ‘Jewish supremacism!’  Back with us today to dive into this is Dexter Van Zile (, Christian Media Analyst with the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis.  Political narratives from different groups are spun instead of reality and that leads to justification for actions against Israel.  Christian groups are caught up in it, noting that since Jewish groups inside Israel are beating up on Israel, then it’s OK to do so as well.  In short, believing the untrue narrative forces Christian groups to lie about Israel.

Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who plead guilty to falsifying evidence during the Spygate scandal in 2016, was recently sentenced to probation – effectively a slap on the wrist.  Do we have an uneven playing field in the U.S. justice system?  Joining us today is Thomas Lifson, Founder and Editor of American Thinker (  He reviews the case, which involves Carter Page and the Trump campaign, and points out that some people get judicial benefits while others do not.  The establishment circles their wagons and always seems to weather the storm while the little guy is firmly entrenched under the judicial bus.

02/06/2021 The Bull is Gone from China’s Shop


1 – Capt. James Fanell – Geopolitics: China (2:25)
2 – Dexter Van Zile – Jewish Supremacism (30:08)
3 – Thomas Lifson – Unequal System of Justice (49:54)

End of Show (1:12:17)

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