Equality Before the Law

Broadcast Running Time: 01:17:26

The Equality Act, recently passed in the House and now awaiting debate in the Senate, has proven to be anything but equal. Joining us first this week is Dr. Anne Hendershott (franciscan.edu), Professor of Sociology at Franciscan University. She examines the impact on faith-based universities and institutions, medical doctors, and female athletes. Newly discovered rights not found in the Constitution are now superseding the rights and freedoms that are actually enshrined in the Constitution. This version of equality is trumpeted before the law.

Following the incident at the Capitol in January, we began hearing a lot about sending Trump supported to reeducation camps and deprogramming centers because they suffered from a supposed psychosis. The Soviet Union used to do things like this. Communist China is doing it today. John welcomes Larry Ong (sinoinsider), Senior Analyst at Sino Insider, who describes China’s social credit score system and the cancelling of citizens that don’t agree with the CCP’s narrative. Playing a big part in the indoctrination is the media, who, like the communist party, distort the facts to tell their own narrative.

Marxism has fully infiltrated the American education system. Is there anything that can be done to stop it? David Schmus (ceai.org), Executive Director of Christian Educators Association International, rounds out our guests this week. He discusses how leftist programs such as the transgender agenda and critical race theory have become prominent in today’s schools. But he says there are ways to push back, namely through prayer and a non-offended heart. There is an alternative to the Marxism in today’s schools, especially if we have God on our side.

John finishes up this week illustrating how to interact in arguments when the opposing person is acting emotional and irrational. Good advice in a divided world.

03/06/2021 Equality Before the Law


1 – Dr. Anne Hendershott – The Anti-Constitutional Equality Act (2:31)
2 – Larry Ong – Chinese Persecution Coming Here (24:25)
3 – David Schmus – Pushing Back Against Marxist Education (47:13)
4 – John Loeffler – How to Handle an Irrational Argument (1:07:11)
End of Show (1:17:25)

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