Alex Newman: How to Fight Against the Deep State

Broadcast Running Time: 24:21

In order to be successful in any battle, you must first and foremost clearly define your enemy and what it is they are doing.  Alex Newman (, Foreign Correspondent and Senior Editor with The New American Magazine is back with us.  He examines who the Deep State is by showing exactly what they are doing.  They want to indoctrinate children through the education system.  They want to divide society into the oppressors and the oppressed – which, by the way, has happened in the lead up to every totalitarian society in the past.  But we can push back against this.  For example, many parents are pulling kids out of public schools and into private institutions or are homeschooling.  If we don’t want the planned Great Reset or global technocratic dictatorship that the Deep State is pushing for, we need to fight back.

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