Tammi Rossman-Benjamin & Joe Collins: True Core of CRT

Broadcast Running Time: 32:14

We’re leading off the week with a two-guest episode.  First up today is Tammi Rossman-Benjamin (amchainitiative.org), Co-Founder and Director of the AMCHA Initiative.  She describes her efforts to combat a bill in California that would incorporate critical race theory into high school curricula.  CRT has an element of antisemitism within it, perpetuating racism and hate rather than trying to fight it.

We then transfer to our second guest, Joe Collins (joecollinsforcongress.com), a Republican running for the U.S. House of Representatives in California’s 43rd Congressional District (the one currently held by Maxine Waters).  He looks at his district as it has been run by Ms. Waters, why he would be a much better fit in Congress, and why minorities always seem to vote for the very people that keep them down.

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