Heading Into Uncharted Territory

Broadcast Running Time: 01:19:10

Extended conversation this week as John and Carol sit down with father and son economic experts Donald and David McAlvany (mcalvanyica.com). The foursome team up to tackle a variety of topics, including current financial trends, burgeoning inflation, the upcoming economic reset, and the rapid onset of in-your-face socialism. They also take a look at the theological and philosophical side of things, as well as the importance of strategic thinking and long-term planning, and the need for little people to do big things each and every day.

We finish up this week with Tammi Rossman-Benjamin (amchainitiative.org), Co-Founder and Director of the AMCHA Initiative. She describes her efforts to combat a bill in California that would force critical race theory into high school curricula. She focuses on the toxic antisemitic nature of CRT and how it doesn’t attempt to eradicate racism and hate – it perpetuates them.

06/12/2021 Heading Into Uncharted Territory


1 – Loefflers & McAlvanys – Economic Round Table (1:52)
2 – Loefflers & McAlvanys – Philosophical Round Table (34:43)
3 – Tammi Rossman-Benjamin – Battling Critical Race Theory (55:40)
End of Show (1:19:09)

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