Reality Behind the Wokus-Pocus

Broadcast Running Time: 01:18:24

Whenever you are faced with an enemy intent on destroying you and your way of life, it’s important to understand their mindset in order to find the best way to defeat them. Joining us this week for an extended conversation is Evan Sayet (, author and former Hollywood liberal and insider. He reveals the different stages of the woke supremacist movement, the tactics they use in trying to destroy western society, and the laws of the unified field theory of liberalism. The wokus-pocus crowd has their unique brand of revolution, the details of which explain why they are so virulent in calling everyone a racist or a Nazi. Many wokesters are waking up and rejecting the ideology and there are strategic ways for us to reach out and show them the truth.

We wrap up this week’s show with some inside information on the new climate change report from the IPCC. Calvin Beisner (, Founder and National Spokesman at the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, is with us. He looks at the media’s narrative-driven pieces on the report that are largely devoid of facts. He also uncovers the truth behind the oft-reported ‘97% of scientists agree’ statement and the real motivator behind science funding. With so many provable lies being told, will the climate alarmists’ version of things be able to hold out much longer?

09/04/2021 Reality Behind the Wokus-Pocus


1 – Evan Sayet – Explanation of the Woke Ideology (1:59)
2 – Evan Sayet – Reaching Out Those Fleeing Woke Ideology (29:41)
3 – Calvin Beisner – Narrative, Not Reality Keeps Climate Change Alive (53:42)
End of Show (1:18:23)

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