Why Isn’t Your Program Free?

You mean… pay to listen to a podcast?

Some of you may be wondering why we charge a membership fee to listen to Steel on Steel. I’ll get to that answer shortly, but first, a message from our sponsor… oh wait, that’s right, we don’t have one. Everything we do here at Steel on Steel is made possible by our dedicated family of subscribers – many of whom have been with us since the very beginning back in 1990! We know your time is valuable. So if you’re going to take the time to listen to our show, we’re going to take the time to give you a show that’s worth listening to.

We have several ways to listen at no cost!

It’s been said that nothing sells out faster than something that’s sold for free – and that’s true – sort of. For many of you who’ve been listening to Steel on Steel over these past thee plus decades, you’ve done so every Saturday and Sunday afternoons on your local talk radio stations. That’s wonderful, and we’re grateful to the many stations who provide the hour-long program to their faithful audiences. We receive no compensation for providing the program to the radio stations and there are no funds that flow our way from any of the stations’ advertisers or sponsors. If you’ve heard us on the radio and want to go back and listen to our archives, or listen to the daily shows, signup today!

Another way to listen to Steel on Steel absolutely free is in the SPN Podcast Network app for Android and iOS, as well as in the browser-based player at our SPN page for the Steel on Steel ‘Short Show’. We publish weekly episodes there as well as the various podcast feeds from all the other programs we produce on our podcast network. We incur the operating costs and hosting fees to publish the free shows there, with very little ad revenue generated to offset the expense. If you find value in any of the shows we produce, let us know! If you’d like to contribute to the ongoing work here in the studio, you can easily make your contribution via PayPal.

Many of you simply can’t afford a subscription due to the recent financial crisis, pandemic constraints, job loss, health issues, fixed income, you name it. Another way you can listen for free is a bit unconventional, but it’s really easy to do – you can simply ask. That’s right! Reach out to us and just ask for a free membership. When I said our subscribers were family, that’s true. Sure, there will be people who cheat the system and get something for free when they probably could afford it, but hey, that’s on them. Hopefully they learn something from the show.

Why we charge a membership fee.

It’s probably no surprise to learn that it costs money to run a studio, pay staff, maintain the website and hosting, replace equipment, and a thousand other things. But what may be a shock is that the sources and quantity of funding for our show are very limited – and thanks to the pandemic and inflation, it’s dwindling. We don’t have any corporate or private sponsors, advertisers, or flashy popup ads on our site. We don’t push our merchandise or beg for donations. We have no wealthy uncles, winning power-ball tickets, or any other source of abundant flowing revenue. That puts the burden of keeping this show alive squarely in the laps of our members. So if you are a member, we are eternally grateful for your support. Thank you! If you’re not, why not? Premium member benefits include: access to daily episodes, decades of archived shows, teaching videos and more. Packages start at just $10 a month for Basic and $15 for Premium. Subscribe today!

If you have any questions about how membership works, or want to know more about Steel on Steel, please let us know.

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