Dr. Peter Wood: It’s All the Rage in Politics

Broadcast Running Time: 26:45

The political atmosphere in America has become toxic in the past two decades, dividing this country and making virtually everyone angry.  With us today is Dr. Peter Wood (nas.org), President of the National Association of Scholars.  He discusses his new book, titled Wrath: America Enraged.  He looks at the kind of anger we see in politics today, which differs from the protest anger of the 1960s.  The Left today seems to be angry all the time, often in an effort to transform society.  And because the Left largely controls the levers of communication, they have censored those on the Right.  The Right, then, becomes angry because normal avenues of speech and debate are plugged up and people are being cancelled.  The rage is building and the clock is ticking as to when it will boil over.

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