Reuben Johnson: Staring into the Face of Marxism Once Again

Broadcast Running Time: 32:58

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Has the West learned anything from the brutal Communism that gripped countries and cities behind the Iron Curtain for decades?  John begins today’s podcast commenting on what actually happened behind the Iron Curtain and how today’s youth don’t remember the Cold War and the atrocities that happened then.  Why doesn’t the West ever learn the lessons of Marxism?  John answers that question and more.

We then welcome back to the podcast Ukraine-based defense expert Reuben Johnson.  He discusses Iran and China partnering up economically, the intellectual bankruptcy and hypocrisy behind the recent climate conference, and the state of cities today under Covid tyranny.  He also gives a backgrounder on what life was like under Communism in the Soviet Union and how some of that mindset still remains.  Even President Putin recognizes that America is doing the same things they criticized the USSR of doing right before they collapsed.  Will we ever learn?

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