James Simpson: Leftists Leave Their Marx on the West

Broadcast Running Time: 29:57

How has Karl Marx influenced the modern day far leftist progressive?  To answer that, we welcome back investigative journalist and former economist with the White House Office of Management and Budget, James Simpson (crisisnow.net).  The communism of Karl Marx infiltrated America and the West largely through the Frankfurt School, attempting to divide and subvert our culture.  What we’re seeing in ‘white privilege’ and critical race theory today are just the modern mechanisms to accomplish their plan.  People are beginning to see what’s happening but it seems like an uphill battle.  Mr. Simpson shares some ideas on how to fight against it.   

John finishes up today’s podcast with a look at the Book of Revelation, the Four Horsemen, and today’s globalist push.  Are we indeed in the End Times?  If so, what is our role as Christians?

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