Stephanie Taub & Justin Butterfield: Religious Liberty Violated

Broadcast Running Time: 17:00

Two separate court cases are highlighting the backward thinking of those in power toward everyday citizens.  We talk to two attorneys from the same firm today.  First up is Stephanie Taub (, Senior Counsel at First Liberty Institute.  She discusses the case of two Alaska Airlines flight attendants who were fired after the company asked employees’ opinions on the Equality Act; they gave their opinions and the company didn’t like them.

Next we speak with Justin Butterfield (, Deputy General Counsel at First Liberty Institute.  He looks at the case of an Oakland University student who was evicted from campus housing for sharing online her research into how to apply for religious exemption to the covid vaccine. These are two cases that emphasize either how those in power misunderstand what the Constitution says about religious freedom, or more likely the disdain they have for it.

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