Farewell Show: A Legacy to Our Listeners

Broadcast Running Time: 01:19:33

All good things must come to an end. After nearly 32 years on the air, this week marks the final radio broadcast of the Steel on Steel program. John kicks off the show by pulling together all we’ve learned in three decades about how the world works, how we got to where we are today, and where we can expect to head in the future. He leaves a lasting legacy to you, our loyal listeners.

Burt Yellin Roeh Israel

To help John make sense of the changes in America over the last 30 years, he welcomes one of the show’s earliest friends, Rabbi Burt Yellin of Messianic Congregation Roeh Israel in Denver, Colorado (roehisrael.org). Past mistakes are coming home to roost and those in power now haven’t learned from them because they’re proposing the same failed solutions today.

John finishes out the show with one more review, documenting the fellow travelers on the globalist train over the last century and how it affects us today. He then says goodbye to you, the listener.

On behalf of John; his incredible wife Carol who has been the glue that holds us all together; Brad, who solves every problem that comes across his path and keeps us relevant online; Producer Steve, who has had the privilege of occasionally joining John on the microphone for the last quarter of the show’s tenure; and from everyone else involved in the show – thanks to all of you for your prayers, your kindness, and your loyalty over the years!

07/30/2022 Farewell Show: A Legacy to Our Listeners


1 – John Loeffler – Pulling Together 30 Years of Important Trends (2:08)
2 – Rabbi Burt Yellin – Learning from Our Mistakes / Church Needs to Prepare (31:17)
3 – John Loeffler – Fellow Travelers on the Globalist Train (58:03)
4 – John Loeffler – Final Goodbyes (1:15:18)
End of Show (1:19:32)

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