About Steel on Steel

Our History

Our God-given freedoms are under attack, more so today than at any time in history. The Progressive Elites in every sphere of influence are suppressing the truths about what makes, and keeps a people truly free. Left unchallenged, they threaten to reshape the world into their collective ‘Utopian’ vision.

In 1990, John Loeffler took to the airwaves in Denver, Colorado to combat the tidal wave of deception flooding into the minds of our citizenry and our children. For over three decades now, John Loeffler’s ‘Steel on Steel’ program has been helping listeners to decode the rhetoric of the Progressive movement and uphold the right to speak the truth. John’s command of history, science, economics and theology, combined with thoughtful and informed insight, cuts through the fog of the other pundits’ narratives, right to the core issues plaguing society today.

Our program is dedicated to uncovering the worldview assumptions held by those in positions of power and influence. John and his guests challenge those notions by getting past their politically-correct verbiage and tactics, stripping away lies and half-truths, and really drilling down to the underlying issues.

John promotes the sharpening of perspective using history and logic as a guide. We feature investigative news commentary, geopolitical and religious insights, competing worldview analysis, in-depth guest interviews, round-tables, and debates on hard-hitting, and often controversial topics, much of which you will not hear elsewhere.

If you find Steel on Steel beneficial, consider supporting us with your generous donation. You can make secure payments via PayPal, or send a check or money order to: Steel on Steel Productions
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Worldview Development

Everybody has a worldview, or way of looking at the world. It’s shaped by your values system and personal biases, education, religious beliefs, experiences, etc. Your individual worldview governs your daily thought processes and actions and will ultimately determine your place in life. Steel on Steel is a tool which helps you identify the moving parts of your worldview and gives you insight to discern the truth. Truth is that which pertains to reality. Reality is a great equalizer and when reality becomes real there’s no room for excuses.

Logic and Reason

The “Powers that Be” or PTBs as John calls them, try to convince you to accept, promote, and even fund their own worldview. Progressive elites for centuries have used the dialectic process and the control of the flow of information to sway the masses. For that reason, the “herd” is always running in the wrong direction and missing the truth because the mainstream media is constantly looking in the rear-view mirror to try to tell them what’s going on. Here at Steel on Steel, we identify 27 logical fallacies which are commonplace in society and tie those in with why the PTBs are always getting it wrong.

How to Listen

Since 1990, Steel on Steel has aired weekly as a nationally syndicated radio talk program. For on-demand access to the daily Premium show and archives spanning over two decades, you can listen right here on the website or on your mobile device.


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