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What happens When Private Property is No Longer a Right

It's been more than 150 years since Frederic Bastiat wrote his treatise, The Law, a small work, challenging the ravages of failing socialism thrust upon France as a result of the French revolution.

In that unique pamphlet, Bastiat points out that when the law of any country supports the moral belief systems of a people, defends the rights of said people and their property, the law is perceived as being moral; a defense against evil and those who flaunt it as being immoral. Payment of taxes and civic obligations are perceived as a virtue and those who flout this as criminals.

How Local, State and Federal Governments are doing Battle with their Citizens

"How did it come to this?" muses King Theoden in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings as the Battle of Helm's Deep was about to commence. The residents of Middle Earth never saw their time of trial coming until it had grown to a level of grave crisis and so it is today. Look about you resident of Middle Class, the Battle of Pockets Deep is about to begin as Lord Taxman wages war.

How Liberals Paved the Way for the Ashcroft Civil Rights Assault

This week's letter from the ACLU appeared in the business mail, alarmed at the assault Attorney General John Ashcroft is waging on civil rights and hinting that if I kick some money into the pot they could prosecute an effective defense to this clear and present danger.

Now that the California recall circus is over and the Governator is in, a pre-mortem is in order for the nation's economy. California's recall election will be viewed by history as the first shot in a series of battles nationwide fought to the cry of "throw the rascals out," tantamount to the "Grito de Dolores" of Mexican history.

Connections by John Loeffler ( March 4, 2003 (c) Copyright 2003 Steel on Steel Productions. All Rights Reserved. “In an age of militant mediocrity, anyone who takes a position will […]