Lexicon of Loefflerisms

We’ve compiled a list of common terms that John Loeffler uses frequently on the program. Each term is complete with definitions. We’ll add to this list periodically, but if you want to hear these terms used on a regular basis, consider subscribing to the weekly program.


Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals

Any follower of the 1960’s era leftist community organizer, Saul D. Alinsky. A few notable adherents to the Alinsky method are: Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Frank Marshall Davis, and President Barack Obama.

Progressives exploit the weaknesses inherent in the system, made weaker by pitting opposing forces against one another. They also oppose independent, morally strong, educated people because those individuals, especially in groups, can’t be manipulated easily. They attempt to end-run constitutional rights with social contract and dialectic consensus methods. Alinskyites engage in large scale social engineering, attempting to unfreeze a society using chaos, and to then refreeze it in a new predefined shape. The dividing lines they polarize people on are most often racial, economic, religious and political.

The main goal of Alinskyites is to cause social instability through subversive and divisive rhetoric. One method is to control the outcome of the education system by lowering the standards of education so that it creates a dependent class. As adherents to the Cloward-Piven strategy, (see Cloward-Piven Strategy) they use their political platforms to overload a society with social spending programs and class warfare to the point that hatred and division cause social panic. Once they’ve created a problem, they propose themselves as the answer and use wealth transfers and the trumping of rights as the method to bring about “equality”.

All the while, basking in the adulation of their newfound friends. Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals


Usually, a fill-in-the-blank epithet that gets blurted out when a politically correct individual’s narrative has just been popped. It typically follows the use of logic and reason to explain why certain groups of people cause societal damage due to faulty worldview assumptions. They often use “[—–]ophobe!” in conjunction with the term, “Wacko!” to form the supposed insult; “You’re nothing but a [—–]ophobic, right-wing, nut-job, wacko!”. (see Wacko) This is a dead giveaway that they’ve run out of intelligent things to discuss and thus, resort to name calling.


Commonly referred to by host, John Loeffler as his “boring monologue”, it is section 1 of the weekly Steel on Steel radio program. It kicks off the show with insightful commentary on a variety of topics. This is not to be confused with Section 6, at the end of the show, which is a lengthy in-depth look at global events and recurring strategic trends.

Cloward-Piven Strategy:

In the mid 1960’s, Columbia University sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven published what would later become known as their Cloward–Piven strategy in the progressive Leftist magazine, “The Nation.” Their May, 1966 article, “The weight of the poor: A strategy to end poverty”, was received with much acclaim in the liberal press as a viable method to finally soak the rich and redistribute wealth according to Neo-Marxist ideology.

The Cloward-Piven strategy has since become a sociopolitical economic agenda of Leftist Progressives. It has been implemented with the single goal being to overload the entitlements system with ever-increasing promises of free stuff to a growing non-producer class. It is aimed at destroying the current welfare system, and thus putting in its place, a  guaranteed basic annual income. Forms of this strategy can be seen in efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour as well as the Occupy Wall street movement.

Cognitive Dissonance:

This is a condition of the mind in which a person believes multiple contradictory suppositions. The resulting internal distress causes not only subconscious discomfort to the bearer, but often spills over into the thought process of those in conversation with them. Without proper logic and worldview filters, the malady is often very contagious, spreading across large swaths of unsuspecting crowds. If left unchecked, it can metastasize into full blown ideologies and agendas, being spread across multiple channels of communication. (See Comma-But and Worldview)


A comma-but (…, but…) is used whenever someone wants to use doublespeak such as in: “Oh, of course you have constitutionally protected rights, but…“. The comma-but disqualifies the assertion made in the premise of the statement and adds an alternate qualifier after the word “but“. This is intended as a subversive tactic to attempt to nullify a stated fact.

Dialectic Consensus:

Formally known as the Hegelian Dialectic, this refers to a process of group manipulation tactics popularized by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel in the mid 19th. century. The simplest form being the transition from one stated and accepted view or practice to another by the means of compromise. Thesis->Antithesis->Synthesis. The method is summarized as: constant change brought about by never ending facilitated dialogue with a predetermined outcome. Example: My wife wants a cat. I don’t want a cat. We discuss it until we get a cat.


Educrats are unelected political animals embedded in the public education system. They feed on ever-increasing tax dollars and procreate by means of coercion and use of the dialectic process. Their objective is to slowly transform society into an unquestioning worker or dependent class who can’t think for themselves and therefore,  must use group-think to arrive at consensus. (See Dialectic Consensus)


A figure which completely boggles the mind. Our current unfunded liabilities here in the U.S. are approaching 200 trillion dollars. That’s a flabbergastative amount of money which can never be reached through mere taxation of the upper classes. The Federal Reserve along with Socialist party “R” and Socialist party “D” have promised us the moon with increased liquidity injections and bank bailouts.

Future generations will never be able to support the unsustainable load on the world’s reserve currency and global economy. Yet, we’re still kicking the can down the road, printing and spending like there’s no tomorrow, literally! Europe is just a little further down the road than we are, but watch closely, things are about to get flabbergastatively out of control!


The condition in which a person or group reveals their rank hypocrisy by suddenly changing their ideological position or the definitions they’ve been using to justify said position. This is usually done to avoid taking the blame for a narrative that’s obviously failing. The use of malleable words and shifty definitions eases their ability to execute the flippage.


Kissin’ cousins of the Hysterbole phenomenon, all you’ll hear from those affected are “grumble, grumble, grumble”.  A constant uttering and muttering of discontent; never really able to keep the lid on the seething pot of disdain they have for their opponents. Both Grumbleage and Hysterbole are outward manifestations of extreme cognitive dissonance, lately identified in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

What the Grumblers don’t realize is that they have been unwittingly weaponized by PTBs in the Alinsky camp. Remember, Alinsky’s rule #13 “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“ True Alinskyites aren’t whipped up into an emotional frenzy. They methodically manipulate their weak-minded supporters into an irrational, emotional mass in order to enforce rules 1, 8, 9, and 10. Read Alinsky’s Rules here.


An emotional reaction which is an amalgamation of both hysteria and hyperbole. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a form of hysterbole and is often accompanied by paroxysms of vitriol along with disjointed thought and speech patterns. The condition typically manifests itself just after the victim tries to process a logical concept which is counter to their consensus-driven notions of what is politically or socially acceptable.

While victims of this condition can be of any socioeconomic, or political persuasion, it has been most frequently seen on the Progressive Left side of the spectrum. It’s theorized that Hysterbole could be treated most effectively with a brain transplant — although in most attempts to do so, no brain can be found.


A “Kabibble” is a dot. More specifically, it’s a data-point or event in a relevant topic of interest. John has been connecting the dots in economics, politics, religion, history, philosophy, science and worldviews throughout his entire career in media. In addition to connecting these dots, John also projects where the dots and trends come together; often over the horizon and beyond the scope of the mainline media. This trait has been the hallmark of Steel on Steel ever since we first went on the air in 1990.


The assumption by the PTBs that they can make multicultural societies work by controlling the narratives. They give preference to the aggressive minority groups in exchange for political and economic control. This often results in the trumping of the rights of one group over another, as well as involuntary wealth transfer mechanisms to fund the integration. It is proposed and enforced as a struggle for equality and diversity, for which those opposed, are marginalized and punished in a variety of ways.


You can’t make this stuff up; but actually, somebody does just that. The role of mainstream media in today’s society has shifted from reporting facts in order to inform a well educated populus, to shaping public opinion and thus controlling the “narrative”. They control not just the definition of the words, but how large groups think and attempt to interpret reality itself. However, when reality speaks it speaks loudest and it always gets the last word.

The Educrats have successfully hijacked the public education system, turning our schools and college campuses into laboratories for social engineering. The goal among the elites for over a hundred years has been to incrementally dumb-down successive generations in order to create a dependent worker class devoid of the means, will, or intellect to fight back.

As Adolf Hitler’s propaganda officer, Joseph Goebbels once said:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Not Says and Not Say-ism:

Not Says are the kissing cousins of their predecessors, the famed Nazis of the Third Reich. The adherents of Not Say-ism seek to shut down free speech, thought and peaceable assembly. They often resort to violent methods; shouting down their dissenters with epithets and often resorting to physical intimidation.

They have a lively propaganda wing and elevate their assertion that free speech is hate speech, all the while using their right to freedom of speech to do so. The Not Says believe that the only way to combat hate is with hate and to prevent the other side from expressing their beliefs. Not Says often breed on Leftist-friendly college campuses and prey upon the peaceful few who simply want to uphold their own constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech.

If the Not Says got their way, they would remove all freedoms of thought, speech, press, and assembly. They would rewrite history in their favor, tear down statues, monuments and reminders of the past, burn all the history books and shut everyone up who opposes their agenda. Ironically, they would instantly remove their own right to speak and assemble and teach and remember their past should they ever come to their senses and seek liberty.


These folks are the “Powers that Be”. They call themselves Global Elites, Progressives, Social Engineers, etc.. They characterize themselves as being smarter, more collected, more influential leaders of society. They’re constantly promoting their agendas and policies while shaping opinions and seeking to control the narrative. They hate accountability and often shift definitions and borrow morals and ethics from the side they wish to control, all the while, blame shifting and eluding responsibility for the hell they create. (See Educrat and Alinskyite).

Silly Season:

Typically, it encompasses the U.S. presidential election season, which starts 18 months before elections. The press goes into apoplexy trying to shape the opinions of their politically correct constituents. Socialist party “R” and “D” candidates make ridiculous promises and the obligatory mud is slung. The issue is never the issue as the silliness becomes all-consuming. When the dust finally settles, nothing has really changed.


One tactic of the progressives is that if they see something slip, they push it. Slippage is the phenomenon that occurs when the firmness of long-held definitions or philosophical positions become malleable or changeable, it’s further helped along the path to redefinition. The end-goal of the slippage is to change the rules of the game or better yet, change the way the game is scored.

Technocratic Oligarchy:

This is a government of The System, by The System, for The System. It is comprised of nameless, faceless, unelected bureaucrats pulling the levers of the mass media, public opinion, and supra-national agreements while end-running the constitution at both the State and Federal level. It feeds on the seizure of funds and assets, nullifying the rights of citizens. Its teeth and claws are heavy taxation, forfeiture laws, fees, surcharges and penalties. Its laws are vague and numerous. Anybody or any activity can be criminalized if the system needs them to be.

The Technocratic Oligarchy attempts to achieve God-like powers through the use of surveillance, data mining, profiling, control of banking and finance. It seeks to eliminate the use of physical currency and monetary assets in preference of fiat digital currencies. It relies on perception management by a complicit mass media machine. Because it has a manpower shortage, it can’t effectively police its citizens. As a result, it promotes self-censoring and rewards those who point out potential violators.


Veritas is Latin for Truth. John often mentions truth with a capital “V”. It comes from the gospel of John, Ch.8:32. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” It is the pursuit of Truth which should be the focus of communication, especially in media.

Our Steel on Steel logo depicts the Lion of the tribe of Judah wielding the Sword of Truth. It is best expressed by Jesus’ proclamation:  “Ego Sum Via, et Veritas et Vita” which is translated from Latin as “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life“.


Wacko is often a derogatory title given to someone who makes a statement believed to be false by someone of an opposing view. However, if the claims of the said “wacko” are proven to be true, the wacko can then reply with the phrase: “Your failure to be informed, doesn’t make me a wacko“.


Socrates said gnōthi seaftonKnow thyself“. The Bible, in Proverbs 23:7 states: “As a man thinks, so is he“. The German word for it is weltanschauung, meaning “world-wide perception”. The struggle over this philosophical concept is called weltanschauungskrieg. That’s where we get the title of John’s lecture course ‘Worldview Wars‘.

Everybody has a worldview even if they can’t identify it. It begins with what you believe about the origin, purpose and destiny of the everything; specifically, your place in the universe and why you do what you do. Many believe we are the product of random chance, with no other purpose than to get the most out of this life while we’re here and then dissolve into nothingness…or do we?

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