Members-Only Podcast Setup

Setup the members-only podcast in three easy steps.

Get a whole month of Premium access to the daily shows, full archives, Veritas Lounge teaching videos and more for just $1.00! Use the promo code FREEDOM when you subscribe.

1. Signup to one of our membership packages.

You can start off with a Basic membership and listen to the weekend show or dive right in to Premium daily access. Either way, you’ll need a membership to listen to podcast without ads. Our packages start at just $10 a month, no obligation, cancel anytime.

2. Get a compatible mobile app.

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll need a podcast app that supports authentication. Our members-only podcast feed requires a username and password to access the shows.

If you’re an iOS user, Apple’s ‘Podcasts’ app doesn’t support authenticated feeds like ours, so you’ll need to get a compatible app.

These apps only need our podcast URL and your Steel on Steel membership login info to work. Enter the URL (shown below) by tapping the + icon in your app to get to the ‘add URL’ screen. After entering our members-only URL, shown below, you’ll enter your username and password.

Please note that the SPN app is for distributing the free ‘Short Show’ and others to the public. If you’re a paying member and you’d like to listen to the full-length, ad-free daily shows, you’ll need to use one of the compatible apps with your membership info.

View complete setup guides for these apps.

We use two feeds to deliver content to our members

One for our Basic members to listen to the full weekend shows, and one for our Premium members to listen to the daily Premium episodes and full archives.

The Basic member podcast URL is:

The Premium member podcast URL is:

Attention iPhone and iPad Users:
Do not tap to open the podcast URL in either the ‘News’ app or the ‘Podcasts’ app.
Apple’s native apps don’t support password-protected feeds like ours.

3. Start listening!

That’s it! You don’t have to repeatedly login and the shows are right at your fingertips. You can customize your listening experience within the apps, keep episodes, change play order, playback speed, view chapters and more!

Need Help?

Use this setup guide to get started with a compatible app, or view troubleshooting tips and resolve common issues. Using compatible podcast apps like Overcast and Downcast is the simplest way to listen. The weekly show can be set to download automatically, and because the app stores your username and password, there’s no need to repeatedly login.

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