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This is a step-by-step guide to help you setup the podcast in each of these podcast apps. Get answers to common podcast feed issues at the bottom of this page.

First: We have two URLs for our Podcasts – Basic and Premium

We use two feeds to deliver content to our members: one for our Basic members to listen to the weekend shows, and one for our Premium members to listen to the daily Premium episodes and full archives.

WARNING: You won’t find the members-only podcast feed by searching for Steel on Steel. You MUST enter one of the feed URLs below into one of the compatible podcast apps in order to view and access the password-protected feeds.

The Basic member podcast URL is:


The Premium member podcast URL is:


Compatible Apps & Setup Guides

Here are a few compatible apps for both Apple iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets. These have been tested with our password-protected members-only feed. Choose from the options below and tap on the icons to download the apps from their respective app stores. There are setup instructions for each, and a troubleshooting guide at the bottom of the page if you need help.

Apps for Android Devices

podcast app - Podcast Addict
Get Podcast Addict for Android in the Google Play Store! FREE

Podcast Addict

In the main screen in the Podcast Addict App:

1. Press the main screen + button to add a new podcast. Then select the ‘RSS feed’ option.
2. Tap the top menu option to enter the RSS feed URL. ‘Tap and hold‘ the applicable podcast URL for either Basic or Premium (shown above), then paste into the field on step 3.
3. Enter the feed URL. You will have to check the ‘Authentication’ checkbox and enter your login/password.
After validation, the app will update the podcast. You can change the login/password at any time by long pressing on the podcast, then selecting ‘Custom Settings’ and finally ‘Edit podcast URL’.

podcast app - BeyondPod
Get BeyondPod for Android in the Google Play Store FREE!


In the main screen of the BeyondPod App:

1. Tap the Menu button on the top left of the main screen and a menu will popup.
2. Scroll down until you see +Add Feed. Tap to begin.
3. In the top right corner is Import Feeds, tap and select enter Feed Address.
4. Enter the applicable podcast URL for either Basic or Premium (shown above). ‘Tap and hold‘ the podcast URL to copy, then tap and paste.
5. At the bottom of the same page, tap Advanced Settings.
6. Scroll down to Feed Authentication, and enter your username and password. Tap Save in the top right corner.
7. The Steel on Steel podcast feed will appear in the What to Play menu.
8. Tap Download to begin an episode. To change the setting for the podcast, tap the menu in the right top corner of the podcast and select Edit Feed.



Apps for Apple iOS Devices

Get iCatcher for iOS in the Apple App Store! $2.99


In the main screen in the iCatcher App:

1. In the top left corner, Tap the + icon to add a new podcast.
2. on the next screen, tap Add Podcast Manually.
3. Enter the applicable podcast URL for either Basic or Premium (shown above). ‘Tap and hold‘ the podcast URL to copy, then tap and paste.
4. Enter your username and password, tap Continue and then at the top right of the screen, tap +Subscribe.
5. Tap Done, then go to the main screen and open the podcast feed. Select an episode or search for guests and topics using the bar at the top.

Get Downcast for iOS in the Apple App Store! $2.99


In the main screen in the Downcast App:

1. Tap the + icon to add a new podcast.
2. In the Add Podcasts screen, tap Add Podcast Manually.
3. Enter the applicable podcast URL for either Basic or Premium (shown above). ‘Tap and hold‘ the podcast URL to copy, then tap and paste.
4. Enter your username and password, tap Done and then at the top of the screen, tap Subscribe.
5. Tap the Downloads icon at the bottom of the screen and enable the download que.

Playing the weekly podcast is as simple as tapping the icon in the main screen and selecting the episode to play.

To view or change your stored login info for the podcast, tap the Steel on Steel podcast icon in the main screen. On the next screen, tap the Gear icon on the bottom right. Go all the way to the bottom of the Settings page. Under Login Credentials, you can edit your login info. If the podcast won’t play or if you think the settings are incorrect, you can always just delete the podcast from the main screen and set it back up using the instructions above.

podcast app - RSS Radio
Download RSSRadio FREE in the Apple App Store!


In the main screen of the RSSRadio app:

1. Tap the + icon in the top right corner.
2. In the Podcast Directory, tap the More… button on the top right corner.
3. Tap “Enter the URL Manually“.
4. Enter the applicable podcast URL for either Basic or Premium (shown above). ‘Tap and hold‘ the podcast URL to copy, then tap and paste.
5. On the next screen, in the top right corner, tap Subscribe. then, Use default settings
6. Next, tap the Steel on Steel Radio Broadcast icon, then choose an episode to listen to and tap to begin.
7. In the podcast episode screen, tap Download.
8. Enter your Steel on Steel membership login info (info is case sensitive).
9.Go back to the main podcast screen by tapping the <Podcast button in the top left hand corner.
10.Tap the Downloads button at the bottom of the main Podcast screen. The podcast episode will automatically download to your device and can be played once it’s finished downloading. Enjoy!

Troubleshooting Podcast App and Feed Issues

Occasionally, you may encounter common issues with a podcast reader or feed. Here are a few tips to remember before you proceed:

  • Have you entered the correct podcast URL for your membership level?
  • Have you checked your stored login info in the app for errors?
  • Are you subscribed to listen to daily Premium episodes, or weekly basic shows?
  • Have you confirmed that you can listen on another device or computer?

Because our members-only feed is password protected, you will not find it listed in the podcast directory by searching. You must setup your podcast app manually by entering the members-only URL during setup.

I’m a paying member, but I don’t see all the recent episodes in the SPN app.

Keep in mind SPN and the SPN mobile app are just for non-members to hear our free teaser material. If you are a paying member, either to the Basic weekend show, or to the Premium daily podcast, you won’t find all the programs in SPN. If you want to hear paid content through an app on your smartphone or tablet, we provide several compatible apps and setup instructions right here on this page.

I get an error when I try to play an episode in Apple Podcasts.

If you get the “Episode Unavailable” message on your iPhone or iPad, it’s because Apple has dropped support for password-protected podcasts like ours in their native Podcasts app, so you must use a compatible app like the ones suggested above. This can also also occur when you tap on the podcast URL and open the link in Apple News. News will attempt to add the podcast feed to Apple Podcasts which isn’t compatible. Apple may eventually support secure feeds like ours in the future, but for now, check out the feature-packed alternatives like iCatcher, Downcast and others.

RSSRadio gives me the error: (NSURLErrorDomain error-1013)

Some listeners report that they get the error when playing an episode even if their login info is correct and they are subscribed to access Premium content. We know the error has to do with authentication and how the app retrieves the file.

First, check that your stored login info in the app is correct. This will also happen if you’re trying to play a Premium episode with a Basic subscription. Last, you must download the episodes first. Don’t tap ‘Play’ to start the episode. This error has also been reported even when all the information is correct and the file downloads anyway.

We have no other course of action than to encourage you find another app such as iCatcher or Downcast. If the file downloads, you’ll see a notification. Simply dismiss the error by tapping OK and return to the feed to play your downloaded episode.

My podcast app won’t download any episodes or I get an error.

Remember, our podcast feed is password-protected so downloading requires your app to be able to handle authentication. If you cannot find settings for username and password in your podcast app, we have alternatives above that handle the secure feeds. If you have the correct login info stored but still can’t download, check that you’ve entered the correct username and password. If that still doesn’t fix it, you may need to refresh or reset the podcast feed in the individual app settings. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the functionality of third-party apps and updates. If all else fails, you can simply delete the podcast and set it back up or try another app. Please note that apps may not function properly if the device, operating system, or app version is outdated.

How do I know if I’m a Basic or Premium member?

Your subscription access level is displayed right in the ‘Account’ home screen when you login. You can also view specific details about your membership in the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page. See when your subscription renewal date is, make changes to billing, or upgrade your access.

If you’d like to create a SOS Group so you and others can listen with full Premium access, simply click the ‘Upgrade to Group Access’ button in the Manage Subscriptions page.

Some of the shows in my podcast app won’t play, or I get an error.

When viewing the podcast feed in the apps, you’ll see the daily Premium episodes mixed in with the Saturday shows. If you try to play a Premium episode without upgrading your Basic subscription, you’ll receive an error, or the episode won’t play. Saturday shows will still play for Basic access members.

My app isn’t updating the most recent episodes.

First, be sure you are connected to the internet and that you have a good connection. You can test your internet speed with a service like SpeedTest.net. You may also have an incorrect or outdated feed address. Additionally, we no longer publish our feed on FeedBurner. Be sure that the podcast URL for the feed is correct.

Can other members of my family listen to the podcast from my account?

Yes! You and other members of your family can share a single podcast subscription and share it across all your devices. Keep in mind that this convenience is intended to allow a family to enjoy the program, and sharing your login information will allow others to gain control over your account. If you want to share the program with coworkers, extended family and friends, why not give a gift subscription or create an SOS Group to share a subscription among friends or study groups.

Can I stream the episodes or do I need to download them?

The streaming option availability depends on the app, its version, and its settings. For instance, RSSRadio for iOS 10 will allow streaming if the streaming function is enabled in the Settings page of the podcast. However, Some apps don’t support streaming at all, or allow hybrid streaming once the episode begins to download. Please check the developer’s specifications for your particular app in the app store or developer’s website. See the image to the right for streaming in Overcast for iOS.

Overcast for iOS won’t download episodes.

Some listeners report that episodes aren’t downloading in Overcast for iOS. While we can’t control how app developers deliver our files, we do present workarounds when available. The fix is to open the setting for the podcast and set the ‘New Episodes‘ function to ‘Stream‘. Afterward, simply play the episode using the ‘Play’ button on the episode description instead of using the ‘Download’ button. You won’t be able to save the episode for offline play, but at least you can listen to the program.

We’ve reported the issue to Overcast’s app developer and are waiting to hear back from them. If this is unsatisfactory, we suggest using an alternate app such as Downcast, iCatcher, or RSSRadio.

Can I move my podcast subscriptions between apps?

Absolutely! You can migrate the podcast subscriptions and episodes easily with this handy guide from ‘Tech Guy Eric’.

Podcast App Help - ChaptersCan I view chapters within each episode or listen to individual segments?

Yes! Starting February 18, 2017, all future episodes will have chapter breaks so you can listen to individual segments of the program on your mobile device. The chapters function is best experienced in Downcast for iOS, but should work in most podcast apps that support chapters, including Podcast Addict, RSSRadio and others. To view the chapters, first download an episode within the app and then tap the bookmarks or chapters icon. Click the image to view larger.

Won’t all those episodes fill up my device or use a bunch of data?

You can always adjust the download order and keep/discard settings for your podcast episodes. Typically, the default setting is to automatically download the most recent episode and delete the listened-to episodes after 24 hours. Each episode is between 33 and 65MB each.

I’ve tried everything, but the podcast isn’t updating or downloading.

Sometimes, an app can get stuck and rebooting the app or device doesn’t fix the issue. Typically, just resetting the podcast in the app will resolve this problem. Just open the affected app, go to the Steel on Steel podcast and select Unsubscribe. Don’t worry, it’s not going to affect your membership, but you will delete any episodes you’ve downloaded unless you transfer them to another computer. In some instances, the app needs to be completely deleted and reinstalled. You can use the instructions above to setup the podcast once more. It takes just a few moments and you’ll be back up and listening to your favorite episodes. Please note that apps may not function properly if the device, operating system, or app version is outdated.

I get a persistent “Authentication Required” popup screen on my iPhone or iPad that’s telling me to login.

Podcast App Help - Auth Request

If entering your correct username and password doesn’t work, you’ll need to remove the stored podcast and logins from other devices you sync from. This can occur when you’ve changed the stored Steel on Steel account info on another device or computer (typically iTunes) and then synced or restored a backup to the new device from your computer or iCloud.

Please note: cancelling your subscription will not solve the issue. Start by turning off the WiFi connection before removing the Steel on Steel podcast from the affected device. You should also remove the podcast from any computers you use to sync from. Always restart your device to confirm the setting changes. The podcast can easily be set back up and synced to your mobile devices or use a podcast app like Downcast to access the show on your iOS devices.

Our tech support explains:

Steel on Steel is a password-protected podcast, and almost all podcast apps try to download and refresh podcasts added in them. So when they try to fetch this protected podcast, this authentication popup shows, and if they enter a valid login with active subscription the popup will go away, and with an incorrect login it keeps showing the popup.

If they are not active members they need to delete SOS podcast from iTunes or their podcast apps, and if SOS podcast url is opened in Safari tab they need to close it, then the popup will go away.

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