Networks and Radio Stations

Broadcast Steel on Steel on your radio station or network!

Steel on Steel is already heard on many affiliate stations around the country.

Whether you operate a small local station or a major network, we can provide you with everything necessary to air our program to your listeners. Steel on Steel is perfect not only for terrestrial radio, but also satellite, streaming and podcast networks.

Your station will receive our weekly program in one 56:48 long file to add to your scheduler to fill a 60 minute slot. The show segment links are sent out every Friday morning via email for FTP download and insertion into your digital scheduler. The audio provided is high quality MP3 128kb/s @44.1khz mono.

We tailor the delivery of our program to suit your station’s format and time slot.

Contact our producer, Steve Schiller at about adding ‘Steel on Steel with John Loeffler’ to your program lineup or for guest interviews. The full-length program is reserved for our faithful subscribers, but our shorter, hour-long shows can be heard on many affiliates nationwide. Join our broadcast family by adding our program to your lineup! Please mention your station’s call letters and coverage in your comments.

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