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SOS Groups is designed for anybody who wants to sponsor a group of two or more premium subscribers at a huge discount. Get started today!

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Simply put; SOS Groups is a cost-sharing / sponsorship subscription solution. It’s designed to allow multiple people to subscribe for free, to the Premium subscription package with all the benefits, paid for by the Group Owner at half-off.

In-turn, the Group Owner gets their subscription and the subscriptions of their group members at a discount. If you want to take your involvement with Steel on Steel up a notch, and you know people who would benefit from a free Premium Steel on Steel membership, this is for you.

  • Groups get the daily Steel on Steel program and full archives with Premium access, including the Veritas Lounge starting at half-off standard pricing. They can also enjoy watching and listening across all their devices.
  • The Group Access option is perfect for sharing Steel on Steel with extended family and friends, small study groups, homeschool co-ops, churches and more. The bounds are limitless and we have special pricing for larger groups as well.
  • As a SOS Group Owner, you get 50% off your Premium membership and added members, with even deeper discounts for larger groups. See our Group tiered pricing below. You can even get started with no change in your current subscription rate.


Who doesn’t benefit? First, the group owner gets their subscription for half-off, then they only pay half price to sponsor others with a Premium online membership (with further discounts for increased group sizes). This means a new Group Owner would pay for two premium memberships for the price of one. Think of it as a “buy one, get one free” deal. Here are some likely scenarios for SOS Groups:

  • Two friends share a sub at half-price each, or one pays for the other at no increase in their rate.
  • A family member sponsors their kids, grand-kids, parents etc. at the 50% discount.
  • Church study groups or small classrooms can split the cost or have a Group Owner sponsor them.
  • A private office, church, or homeschool co-op can buy more members at deeper discounts.

How SOS Group Access Works

SOS Group memberships start at half-off and the minimum group size is 2. That means if you’re currently subscribed to the Premium package at the current price, you can add a friend to your group for half-off, and take 50% off your sub as well! It literally costs you nothing to become a SOS Groups Owner!

Your sponsored group member will have their own prepaid, independent account with their own login information so they can set up their podcast apps and manage their own accounts. All Group members have the benefits of full Premium access and they pay absolutely nothing. Why not get started today?


All you need to get started is to login to your account and click the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ link. From there, simply click the ‘Upgrade to Group Access’ button and choose a Group Subscription. Enter the size of your group (you+members) and complete the checkout.

Adding members is a snap; send the ‘Invite‘ link to anyone you want or add them manually using the ‘Add New Member‘ feature in ‘My Group‘. You can even print out a QR code for members to scan if you want to hand them a nice invitation or gift card. See our Help Page for more on QR codes.

If your group is full and you want to purchase more members, simply visit the ‘My Group‘ page and click the ‘Buy Additional Users‘ link. You can edit or delete unwanted or inactive members as well.


We strongly advise against sharing your personal login. Once the login information is out of your control, you could get locked out or have the password changed without you knowing it. If your shared login information is entered incorrectly into podcast apps, it can trigger an automated lock-out. You are also at risk of being restricted whenever the other person logs on. If they’ve entered the login info into a device, this login restriction can occur every few minutes.

The beauty of SOS Groups is that every group member has their own login info. They can login as much as they want, change password, account info etc. and it never affects the Group Owner or other members. In fact, members don’t even have to know each other to participate and if a member wants to share their login info, the risk is all theirs.

Share Premium Episodes with Friends for Free

A better sharing option would be to create a “public member” account that uses a generic password from an email that you feel safe to openly share. Again, whoever can login to that account could change the email and password, thereby locking other public members out. If this occurs, you can simply view the member account’s login info on the ‘My Group’ page to reset any altered passwords. Public members would have no access to your “owner” account, private info, or payment method. If you’re going to share login info, share a group member login and not your personal one.

Copy and paste the contents below into an email, replace the portions in red with your new member’s name and be sure to copy and paste the invite link from the bottom of your ‘My Group’ page.

[Member’s name here]

You’re invited to join my Steel on Steel Members-only group for free!

You’ll get immediate access to hundreds of hours of great news commentary and teaching material! Listen to the Premium daily podcast, archives, watch streaming video and more! Click the link below to create a profile with your very own Premium Steel on Steel account.

Click this link to complete your profile and start listening:

[Paste Invite link Here]

Once you’ve registered, check out the Steel on Steel Membership Guide to get the most out of your subscription, and don’t forget to visit the Veritas Lounge for videos and more!

If you’re using a mobile device to access your Premium membership, we suggest setting up a compatible Podcast App for Android and Apple iOS devices. We also have setup guides and troubleshooting tips on the Podcast App Help Page.

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact Steel on Steel Member support at:
Call toll-free 1-800-829-5646

Adding New Members Manually

Simply login to your account and click the ‘My Group’ link. You can easily add members manually bu clicking the Add New Member link. On the next page, enter the new member’s email, a temporary password, first and last name, then submit. If you see your email address and password auto-filled, just replace your login details with the new member’s info. Here are some screenshots of how the process looks.

Review the new member in your ‘My Group’ page.
Edit if necessary.

Leaving or Disbanding the Group

As a Group Owner, your faithful contribution ensures your Group Members will have uninterrupted access to their subscription. If you need to disband or leave your group, you must first notify all Group Members of your intentions. You may also assign a new Group Owner to assume control of the group and maintain billing for the members. This can be done by removing the members from your group and having one of them sign up as a new Group Owner. They will then add the old members to their new group by sending the invitation link or by adding them manually.

If you need any help or have questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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