Big Brother surveillance

In order for globalists to enact total control through the Great Reset, they need to plan each step accordingly. Leading off the show this week is Brandon Smith (, Founder of the Alternative Market Project. He studies the logical progression of that plan, looking at inflation, universal basic income, price controls, digital currencies, and more. The way to fight back against this plan is to create a parallel society and populate it with analogous businesses. Elites know that, so they retaliate with step one of their plan: boosting inflation. Given our current situation, it would appear that the plan has begun.

What is it really like on the ground in Ukraine? We are joined once again by Reuben Johnson, who has escaped his adopted war-torn country and is back in the United States. He reviews the treatment he received at the hands of the Russians and shares several stories of atrocities committed by Russian soldiers since the war began. He also describes how Putin's military efforts are weakening and gives his thoughts about what needs to happen going forward.

If this isn't the End Times, it's one heck of a dress rehearsal. Finishing out the program this week to discuss the religious aspect of current events is Dr. J.B. Hixson (, President of Not By Works Ministries. He looks at a key indicator that the End Times period is near: the constant attempts by globalists to form a one-world government. He also discusses elements of his new book, including how covid, the vaccines, and the 2020 election are all related to furthering the globalist plan.

In order for globalists to enact total control through their Great Reset, they need to plan accordingly at every step. Back with us today is Brandon Smith (, Founder of the Alternative Market Project. He shows us the logical progression of their plan based on studying history and human nature. He discusses inflation, universal basic income, price controls, digital currencies, and more. The solution for us is to start businesses and create a parallel society now. Government knows that, so what's the best way for them to keep businesses from starting? Boost inflation. What are we seeing now? Sounds like the plan has begun.

Governor Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor's race last November largely because parents weren't happy about the outgoing governor's policies and mandates. The new governor has undone those policies but now faces legal challenges from progressives. We welcome to the program former Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Mr. Ken Davis. He looks at the battles Youngkin is facing as well as the legality of executive orders and the increasing irrelevance of legislatures. Whenever attempts at reforming government are enacted, government bureaucrats fight back.

We are told that our vote should count, but does it in the end? In this week's boralogue, John looks at the impeachment inquiry of President Trump and the seeming override of the Brexit vote in England. How did we get to the point where votes are being subverted? We've gone from absolutes and solid truth to rejecting God and relative values. That's why we're seeing what's happening today. We need to get back to the truth.

The people's vote in Great Britain is being overridden regarding Brexit as it has been three years since the referendum vote and the country still hasn't left the European Union. Pastor Peter Simpson (, Minister at Penn Free Methodist Church outside London, discusses the Christian case for Brexit, the erosion of Christianity in his country, and the status of free speech among UK Christians.

A few weeks ago, Brian Wang (, Tech Blogger at Next Big Future, joined us to examine our country's path to Big Brother surveillance. Brian returns this week to follow up on his report, adding that both the government and big tech companies are using predictive analysis tools to guess what someone may be thinking or planning to do.

After John covers a few stories including impeachment, UFOs, and the middle class, he welcomes back to the program Vishal Mangalwadi (, President and Founder of the Book of the Revelation Movement. In his final installment, Vishal discusses the meaning of truth as it is found in the Bible versus what it means in society.

John's quote of the week:
"The reason rights are in jeopardy is if someone doesn't believe in absolutes, they cannot believe in consistency and constancy in the execution of law. That is what you're seeing in Great Britain and that is what you're seeing here. 'We don't like the law so we'll ignore it.' If everyone does that, what do we have? Chaos."

In this week's Extras segment, we play John's famous extended boralogue from July 2014 titled 'Tale of Three Cities:' London, Paris, and Madrid. John compares and contrasts the ideologies and revolutions originating in these places and shows how unique America's revolution was. Can we learn from history?