Medical Price Transparency

We Found the Fraud: It’s the Media

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John Loeffler

March 20, 2021

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John has always said that Steel on Steel is an antidote to the mainstream media who reports some stories and not other stories. But the media is now going one step further and reporting outright lies in the service of a narrative. We open the show this week with John, Carol, and Steve discussing the many lies, obfuscations, and false narratives from the mainstream media. Included are the Washington Post ‘Find the Fraud' story against President Trump and Tucker Carlson's comments on pregnant women in the military.

Some states have business laws friendly to owners and others have laws that clamp down on business progress. Andrea O'Sullivan (, Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation at the James Madison Institute, joins us. She examines the advantages of having a decentralized system of business so that a company can communicate directly with its consumers and bypass the potential censorship of Big Tech. Many businesses are flocking to states that will afford them this freedom.

Hospitals are now required to enforce price transparency, but many are still fighting against it. Dr. Steven Goldstein (, Founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative, joins us to look at the difference between a cost-plus system, which has always been in place, and an up-font one-price system, which would incentivize hospital staff to be more efficient. Many hospitals, however, are stubbornly sticking with cost-plus.

John finishes up the program this week analyzing a couple of news stories showing how totalitarianism is rearing its ugly head on both coasts. Marxism is quickly infiltrating Western society and soon anyone who doesn't agree with the politically correct narrative of the day, will be at best censored or at worst be jailed.

Hospitals around the country are pushing back on attempts to enforce price transparency for those seeking medical services. Dr. Steven Goldstein (, Founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative, joins us today. He explains how hospitals use the cost plus system where they charge if there's more time used or if doctors use something extra. They should use the up-font one-price system which would incentivize them to be more efficient. Even now, with transparency laws in place, hospitals are trying to get around quoting one price. The system is geared toward insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors. The patient, however, seems to be forgotten. Except when the bill comes due.

Cynthia Fisher: Medical Price Transparency

Broadcast Running Time: 25:32

John Loeffler

January 11, 2021

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John opens up the show today giving his thoughts on the new paradigm we find ourselves in following the election and last week's violence at the U.S. Capitol. It is a pivot we must recognize and cope with moving forward. And Steel on Steel plans to pivot to that as well, providing our listeners with the best information to move forward in what are going to be very interesting times.

Tomorrow we will focus on this new paradigm shift, but the crux of today's show will focus on medical price transparency. As of January 1, hospitals are forced to publish real prices for healthcare, including cash and backroom negotiated rates. Cynthia Fisher (, Founder and Chairman of an organization called Patient Rights Advocate, joins us to explain how price transparency opens the door for competition in the healthcare market, giving consumers more say in how they spend their money. The Trump administration actually used the Affordable Care Act to make this possible – and affordable! And next year, insurance companies will be on the hot seat.