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The normalization between Israel and several nations in the Arab world continues to take place, regardless of what happens in U.S. politics.  To talk about this and other things today, we are joined from Israel by Professor Efraim Inbar and Dr. Eran Lerman (jiss.org.il), President and Vice President respectively of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security. 

Together, both men draw on their extensive Israeli experience to discuss the unusual alignments being formed due to a commonality of opposition in the region.  They go on to praise the Trump administration for its pro-Israel policies and examine whether a hypothetical Biden administration would undo many if not all of the successes of President Trump.  There are many threats facing Israel, not the least of which is Iran, and the alliances being formed in the region will only serve to strengthen Israel's defense no matter the position of the West.

Josh Hasten: What to Do About Iran?

Broadcast Running Time: 22:17

John Loeffler

December 7, 2020

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While the U.S. is swaying back and forth over what administration will occupy the White House in January, countries in the Middle East aren't waiting around.  Israel-based Josh Hasten (joshhasten.com), host of the Israel Uncensored radio broadcast, joins us today to answer the question: what to do about Iran?  There's a marked difference between a Trump and a Biden administration when it comes to how to handle Iran.  With so-called official sources calling Biden the winner, Gulf States in the Middle East are forming alliances with Israel to fight against Iran should help not materialize from Western countries or from the UN.