packing the Supreme Court

Packing the Supreme Court has been back in the news as Congress is entertaining the idea of increasing the number of judges from nine to 13. Other countries have tried this before. What became of them? Back with us today is Jorge Gomez, Senior Writer and Content Strategist for First Liberty Institute ( He takes a look at late 20th century Argentina under President Carlos Menem, who increased that country's Supreme Court from five judges to nine. He explores the tactics used to achieve that increase and the devastating fallout that ensued. It's an object lesson for the U.S., but will anyone learn from it?

John Loeffler: Legal Shell Game

Broadcast Running Time: 15:31

John Loeffler

September 23, 2020

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John dives into the Supreme Court falderal on today's podcast, looking at a number of issues surrounding the selection and possible confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice. We cannot allow judicial activism to take over our legal system. We need the full complement of judges – currently set at nine – in order to definitively decide cases, especially those sure to appear following the election. And the making of laws should fall squarely on the shoulders of Congress, not the executive or judicial branches. It's not just one side versus the other like you see in the mainstream media. There's much more going on and John has it for you today.