Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, the government in Kiev began arming its citizens. If they had already been armed, would it have made a difference? Back with us today is Brandon Smith (, Founder of the Alternative Market Project. He looks at the advantage the U.S. has in having an armed citizenry, including the importance of the Second Amendment. We need that amendment because we didn't ever want to have to fight off a major world power again to gain our freedom. Plus, having millions of armed citizens is most likely why no other power has tried to invade us. He also advocates for bringing back a well-regulated militia – a controversial idea to the left but an important one to discuss.

Where are we heading? It's a question we like to visit often here at Steel on Steel. And who better to answer that question than our favorite futurist James Kunstler ( He and John discuss many issues, including where resources and supply chains will be heading and how to prepare, where to locate should shortages happen, and the need for parallel societies – ones based not necessarily on political ideology but on need. They also look at the state of medicine today, which is a far cry from where it was pre-covid, and what medicine will look like once the covid narrative fades into obscurity. James breaks out his very realistic crystal ball on today's podcast.

Michael McCarter: Tweaking the U.S. Map

Broadcast Running Time: 23:00

John Loeffler

March 11, 2021

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What if, instead of people moving from blue states to red states – to escape terrible policies – geographic parts of the blue states themselves moved? Joining us today is Michael McCarter (, President of Move Oregon's Border. He tells us of his group's initiative to transfer several eastern counties in Oregon into the state of Idaho, effectively moving the border between each state. There are several steps to make this happen, but they have finally managed to get the plan on a May 2021 ballot in Oregon. Ultimately successful or not, the plan highlights the frustration many conservatives have when they are forced to live with terrible policies just because they reside inside a blue state's borders.