The Death of Diversity of Thought

John Loeffler

January 18, 2021

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For years we've been subjected to story after story about collusion.  Today, however, the media, Big Tech, and politicians on the Left are colluding to wipe away any person or company who dissents from the woke leftist point of view.  Joining us today is Adam Weiss (, Founder and CEO of AMW Group, a New York-based PR firm.  He looks at how cancel culture is rearing its ugly head far more than it has in the past now that the election is over and President Trump is leaving the White House.  He relates his experiences in the public relations arena as well as the collusion behind Parler's removal from the public sphere.  The Left is hoping to get back to their version of normal post-Trump and for them, ‘normal' consists of censorship and de-platforming of anyone who dissents from the current woke narrative.