Trump vs Biden

Gregg Roman: Biden’s Foreign Policy Trap

Broadcast Running Time: 27:27

John Loeffler

April 8, 2021

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For eight years, we witnessed foreign policy under the Obama administration, most of which did not work. Under President Trump, we saw a new and innovative way to approach foreign policy. But now we're back to the policies that have proven to be ineffective. Joining us today is Gregg Roman (, Director and Chief Operating Officer at the Middle East Forum. He looks at the Biden philosophy of hegemonic equilibrium – putting allies and foes on equal footing in a region – and how it has forced our allies to rely less on the U.S. and more on their friends nearby. He also points out how we are focusing on the wrong things while our geopolitical enemies are gaining strength.

Calm Down

Broadcast Running Time: 25:07

John Loeffler

November 9, 2020

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Angst among the American public is seemingly at an all-time high post-election.  People on both sides are antsy and concerned over how this will end.  On today's podcast, John, Carol, and Steve sit down and discuss the post-election fallout, the different scenarios going forward, and the need to trust in God and stand on the bedrock of truth.  John covers how this isn't just a trite cliché.  It may not be great during times of trouble, but it is what will keep you safe when the storms blow over.
We'll be covering this topic as it relates to economics, prophecy and others throughout the week, right here in our Premium shows. Stay tuned for more!

Studio Roundtable: Package Deals

Broadcast Running Time: 21:11

John Loeffler

October 1, 2020

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John gives a post-debate analysis now that we’ve had a buffer day to digest.  It was a train wreck of a disaster.  There is no way to intelligently discuss important topics in the span of two minutes and when candidates talk over each other, the whole spectacle becomes just a bunch of noise.  But the core questions underlying this and everything else is: will we go back to our freedoms that made this country great, or will we plunge headlong into a Marxist transformation of our society?

John brings in his wife Carol Loeffler and Producer Steve to get their thoughts on the debate and any related issues.  In addition to the craziness of the debate, they discuss having social psychologists accompany police officers on emergency calls as well as the need for more constitutionalist judges on the bench.