Terms and Conditions

Automatic Billing Policy

*Please Note: For your convenience, all subscriptions bill automatically at the end of each subscription cycle. To stop automatic billing, go to ‘Manage Subscriptions‘ in the ‘My Account’ Page and select ‘Stop-Auto Billing’. We will notify you via email of the changes to your subscription as well as before your subscription expiration.

Upgrading or Downgrading Subscriptions

You can easily change your subscription by clicking ‘Manage Subscriptions’ then ‘Change’ in your Account Portal. A subscription credit will be applied to the transaction upon upgrade if there is time left on your subscription. Upon downgrade, the subscription credit is automatically applied to the duration of your subscription and is reflected in the new expiration date in your subscription details on the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page.

Discount and Promo Codes

Discount codes may be used only once per subscription and/or user. Use of promo codes, and any and all applicable discount, expires upon cancellation or expiration of the subscription the code is applied to. For recurring discounts, a valid credit card must be on file and automatic billing must be enabled. Discount codes may not be combined or transferred.

Gift Subscriptions

When a Gift Subscription is purchased, no payment info is stored to the recipient’s account for automatic renewal. If the Gift Subscription recipient chooses to continue their membership, they may add a payment method in their account page to enable automatic renewal. All billing settings can be changed in the Manage Subscriptions page.

SOS Groups

SOS Groups must have automatic billing on by default. As a Group Owner, your contribution ensures your Group Members will have uninterrupted access to their subscription. If you need to disband or leave your group, you must notify Group Members of your intentions. You may also assign a new Group Owner to assume control of the group and maintain billing for the members.

If you’ve selected ‘Stop Auto-Billing’, you will not be charged for a renewal and your subscription will simply expire. You will still have access to login and renew for up to 1 year after expiration without the need to resubscribe. To renew your subscription manually, just login and click the yellow ‘Renew Subscription’ button in your ‘My Account’ page. If you have a promo or discount code and would like to extend your subscription at a discount, visit the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ link in the ‘My Account’ page. Make any desired adjustments to your subscription, then enter the promo code and click ‘Extend Subscription‘.


To cancel your subscription immediately, login and click ‘Manage Subscriptions‘ in the ‘My Account‘ Page. Click ‘Cancel Subscription‘. Your billing will stop and your access to the shows will cease. However, we’ll keep your account profile with your login details and email available for one year in case you want to reactivate your subscription without the hassle of entering all that information.

If you do change your mind and want to renew within the one year reservation, simply log into your ‘My Account’ page and reactivate your membership in the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ tab. Once the one year reservation has passed, you’ll need to sign-up again under the original ‘Subscribe’ page if you want to listen. Please let us know the reason you’re cancelling so we can resolve any issues you may have encountered.

Contact Us

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy your subscription for years to come. As always we love hearing from you so feel free to drop us a comment! You can email us at members@steelonsteel.com or call toll free: 1.800.829.5646.

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